The Lazy Person’s Guide To Cleaning Routines

The Truth About Cleaning Routines

Cleaning your home is a time consuming and daunting task that we all know doesn’t get done as often as it should. Let’s face it – it’s not the most exciting thing to do and it’s so easy to keep putting it off.

The key to keeping you motivated and your home clean is to find the right cleaning routine for you, that you’ll be able to easily do without feeling overwhelmed. 

In this post, we’ll explain why having a cleaning routine is important, what to do during your cleaning routine and sharing our top tips to make your cleaning routine time more enjoyable and less overwhelming.

What Is A Cleaning Routine And Why Does It Matter?

A cleaning routine is a list of actions that are carried out once, or twice per day or week to maintain the cleanliness of your home. A cleaning routine is necessary for the upkeep of your home if you want to make sure it remains tidy.

Some people think that they’re too busy to have a cleaning routine and therefore neglect their homes. However, when you neglect your home days at a time, you will have to spend hours upon hours cleaning at one time. 

The following steps will show you how to have a cleaning routine that balances time and productivity.

Decide What Your Cleaning Routine Will Look Like

The goal is to not have to clean your entire home all at one time. You may be accustomed to spending your entire Saturday cleaning your home, but we want that to change for you. We have all heard the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder.” This is exactly what you are trying to accomplish.

With the systems we teach, you can expect to spend no more than 30-45 minutes at a time cleaning your home per day. Notice that we said per day. We highly recommend that you break your cleaning tasks into different days of the week so that you’re not having to clean hours at a time.

You can have a different day for each task or you can have two tasks that fall under one particular day of the week. It’s up to you!

The reason we recommend breaking your cleaning tasks into different days is because it will allow you to finish the tasks much quicker than if you were to try and do them in hour-long intervals.

It’s very easy to overwhelm yourself if you try to clean in hour-long intervals. The goal is for your cleaning routine to be manageable and stress free.

The following tips and reminders will help you to get overcome the “lazy” feeling when it comes to cleaning your home and actually stick to your cleaning routine.

3 Tips and Reminders For Your Cleaning Routines

  1. Print out a list of cleaning tasks to remind yourself of what areas of your home you need to focus on daily, once a week, twice a month, etc. You can download the customizable Routines That Reward© Daily Cleaning Checklist to help you organize your cleaning list and break them down into simple, daily tasks.
  2. Make this time special by listening to a podcast or music – doing cleaning tasks can be uninteresting and sometimes overwhelming. Make sure you make this time fun and even productive by listening to a good audiobook, podcast or even a tv show.
  3. Reward yourself at the end of your cleaning session with something special – What will you do with that extra time? Maybe take a bubble bath, work on a passion project, read a book, etc. Being able to reward yourself after completing your cleaning task is a great incentive to actually get it done.

The Rewards of Having A Cleaning Routine

Having a cleaning routine will reward you in so many ways. You’ll have more energy, less stress, and an overall improved quality of life when your space is tidy.

If you can find a way to make it more rewarding, then the task becomes much less of a chore and more of something that feels good when you complete it every day! 

Your cleaning routine will reward you with clean floors, meals prepared in advance, laundry washed in time for tomorrow’s school or work morning, dishes done without feeling overwhelmed. 

It’s never too late to start! Get started with these tips for getting into the habit of daily housekeeping tasks that are quick but still meaningful – they’re sure to make all the difference in how you feel each day. 

Download our free checklist today and get on track for success!

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